The Garden Club of Princeton

Founded in 1911

Princeton’s Veterans’ War Memorial Park and Mercer Island
Provide long-term improvement, beautification and maintenance of Princeton's Veterans’ War Memorial Park and Mercer Island. This is our signature project.

Princeton’s YMCA & YWCA Garden
Planned and implemented the improvement of Princeton’s YMCA and YWCA gardens and conduct bulb-planting workshops with children in their programs.

Mercer County’s Meals on Wheels
Create annually over 300 holiday arrangements for Mercer County’s Meals on Wheels to be delivered to clients with their meals.

Morven Museum & Garden
Support Morven Museum & Garden’s “Morven in May” celebration, co-sponsored "The Commodore's Greenhouse" exhibit and participate annually in Morven's Festival of Trees.

The Billy Johnson Mountain Lakes Preserve
Help with the removal of invasive plants and the re-planting of native plants at The Billy Johnson Mountain Lakes Preserve in Princeton.

Local Butterfly Efforts
Supported the installation of butterfly plantings and educational signage at D&R Greenway and The Watershed Institute as well as distributed milkweed seeds and information regarding the importance of milkweed as host plants that allow the reproduction of monarch butterflies, all in furtherance of the Monarch Highway Project.

Princeton Public Library

Co-sponsored with Friends of Princeton Open Space the collection and display of books relating to sustainable gardening at the Princeton Public Library.

Co-sponsored public lectures, including:

We Share Solar “Solar Suitcase”
Funded, built and sent a "We Share Solar "Solar Suitcase" to Africa to provide light to maternal a health clinic waiting area without other forms of electricity.

Philanthropic Endeavors
Make annual contributions to the following like-minded organizations:

  • D&R Greenway
  • Frelinghuysen Arboretum
  • Friends of Princeton Open Space
  • Garden Club of America General Scholarship Fund
  • Marquand Park Foundation
  • Morven Museum
  • NJ Conservation Foundation
  • Native Plant Society of NJ
  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
  • Pinelands Preservation
  • Princeton School Gardens Coop
  • Rutgers Garden
  • Save the Redwoods League
  • The Watershed Institute